Corrugated board production is a dusty business

Critical process in corrugated applications such as slitting, scoring and cross-cutting generate a lot of dust and small shingles that must be eliminated for ensuring the quality of the end product and further processing like printing or folding.

Why dust-removal is crucial

If dust and debris are not removed, they remain on the surface of the board and get stuck in it during further transport through the production machine, which reduces the smooth functioning of the machine and in the end leads to the deterioration of the product quality.

Kelvas web cleaning systems for corrugated production combine full-speed production with full-width cleaning on both sides. This ensures continuous production with a measurable reduction in flaking and environmental dust, resulting in a much better, print-ready product and it reduces the need for wash cycles.

Benefits of corrugated web cleaning at critical processes

Fewer washing cycles, less wear, less maintenance mean less downtime and significantly reduced service costs. This makes your production efficient, ensures the quality of the end products and also provides a cleaner working environment.

Flexibly customizable to any application demands

KELVA Non-contact cleaner solutions

Non-contact cleaning is the best method to eliminate high levels of dust and the variety of particles typical in corrugated board production. The installation can be flexibly adapted to all web widths and outside spatial conditions.

The KELVA web cleaning system with out contact to the board consists of a web cleaner head with integrated antistatics, a filter/fan unit and a piping kit. KELVA corrucleaning systems have been successfully installed in various configurations and application settings worldwide.

Looking for a web cleaning solution to improve your production and save costs?

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