Web cleaning – why?

Improve product quality and efficiency in production by removing dust and debris

You gain a lot of benefits when installing a industrial web cleaning systems: improved product quality, reduced maintenance intervals, environmental advantages, and finally important cost savings.

Various kinds of dust and dirt can settle on material surfaces during production processes. They might seem insignificant, but in industrial environments, dust, debris, and other contaminants can have a significant impact on product quality, process efficiency, and even the health of operators. Industrial web cleaning is a crucial solution for handling these challenges.

Enhance your product quality and achieve excellence, quality management, assurance

Installing a web cleaning system is a strategic move to enhance product quality. By eliminating various types of dust and debris, manufacturers can ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of excellence, winning customers and assuring their reputation in the markets.

Reduce waste and chemical usage

Web cleaning systems play an important role in reducing waste and the need for cleaning chemicals. Less waste and fewer chemicals lead to a more efficient and eco-friendly production. This sustainability-oriented approach benefits both the environment and the bottom line in qualitative and financial terms.

Reduce costs and raise production efficiency through decreased maintenance intervals

Machinery and equipment maintenance can be time-consuming and costly, especially when dust-related wear and tear arise. By implementing a web cleaning system, manufacturers can reduce maintenance intervals, optimizing production uptime and saving on maintenance as well as on spare parts.

Make a solid investment with guaranteed ROI

The cost of implementing a web cleaning system is a relatively small investment that quickly pays for itself over time. Once installed, these systems operate effectively for years with minimal maintenance costs. This results in long-term savings and a solid return on investment.

Create healthy production environment and keep your personnel healthy

Production and warehouse environments can become hazardous due to dust and debris. These particles can lead to respiratory issues and other health concerns for operators and working personnel. Installing a web cleaning system eliminates airborne particles, resulting in a healthier and safer working environment.

Ensure customer loyalty through confidence in your production quality

A web cleaning system is not just an internal investment; it’s a statement to customers about a manufacturer’s commitment to delivering the best possible product. Showing or speaking about the use of such quality-assuring and sustainable technology amplifies confidence in customers, making them more likely to choose your product over competitor’s.

The KELVA solution - a different approach to web cleaning

Depending on the material of the substrate and web speed, a layer of air is carried along by the moving web. Debris, such as particles and fibers on the web are very difficult to remove while “protected” by this layer.

A KELVA Web cleaner is designed to break the boundary layer, release and collect the particles to prevent them from spreading to the surrounding air and then appear on the web again.

Boundary layer

Electrostatic charging

Every moving web will charge, the less conductive the substrate is, the stronger the charge will be. Even moist and temperature do influence the level of charging. As an electrically charged web tries to keep the contamination stick to its surface, a neutralization of this static load is necessary for a good result. KELVA offers several solutions for discharging the web, from a simple carbon fiber brush that grounds the web, to high-efficient active dischargers integrated in our Cleanflow solutions.

The KELVA Advantage: Safety, Experience and Expertise

In industrial production, the presence of dust and debris cannot be ignored. From production dust to wear and tear particles, these minuscule troublemakers can jeopardize product quality, efficiency, and even operator health. This is where industrial web cleaning comes into play, providing a quality, sustainability, and performance boost. With the ability to remove a wide range of particles from all kinds of materials without disrupting critical processes, these systems improve product excellence, reduce maintenance, and create a healthier work environment.

KELVA offers a big variety of web cleaning systems comprising dust removal equipment with contact or non-contact. The right choice between both technologies depends on the material surface properties and web specifications such as width, speed, and tension. KELVA systems can be easily installed or retrofitted and can be flexibly customized for special materials, application processes, technical and environmental demands.

With over 40 years of experience and more than 7,000 installations worldwide, KELVA’s expertise in web cleaning for many industries is unmatched.

Our systems ensure excellent product quality standards, operator well-being and environmental responsibility. To overcome the challenges of contaminants and improve your production process, take advantage of our expertise as web cleaning pioneer.

Investing in a web cleaning system pays off quickly and is a strategic move that contributes to sustainability, market position and long-term return on investment.