KELVA offers web-cleaning systems and components for dust-removal from material surfaces

With our dust eliminating solutions we ensure reliably clean and contamination-free material surfaces for their further processing. By implementing web- or sheet cleaning, you will increase the quality of your production and efficiently reduce your maintenance costs.

When producing or finishing running web material, dust, debris and other contamination will affect the substrat surfaces. Our web cleaning systems and components remove these dangerous particles and help you to produce clean web materials for the following processes, so that your end-products reliably can fulfill the high quality demands of your customers.


After installing KELVA web cleaning solutions, you will increase your production efficiency, raise product quality in the finishing process and remarkably reduce downtimes as well as maintenance costs. You will lay an important foundation for occupational safety, health protection in your production as well as environmental safety.

We provide dust removal systems for various applications and materials in a wide range of industries. There are many factors involved when deciding for the right system in productions. Important criteria are the material, its surface sensitivity, the web width, speed and tension as well as the expected dust load within producing and finishing. Therefore you can choose between contact- or non-contact cleaning systems with single- or double-sided dust-removal.

Collected dust in the collection box of a filter/fan unit


Less dust means higher quality. Contact web cleaning systems are the right choice for coated paper, film or fine foil and applications with high demand on cleaning efficiency and frequent job changes in narrow to mid web production.
Dust will be eliminated with special polymer rollers on one or two sides of the web, depending on the contamination load, material surface, web speed and web tension.

KELVA’s adhesive rolls deliver superior cleaning quality and significantly reduce contamination up to 98%. They are compatible with all available contact cleaning systems, regardless of manufacturer and brand.


A wide range of non-contact web cleaning systems are available to cover dust removal from delicate and porous material surfaces, such as paper, board, non-woven tissue, corrugated, glassfiber etc. for web widths from 300 mm to very wide webs up to 10 m. Dust can be removed single- or double-sided, depending on the dust and debris load, material surface, its web speed and web tension.

Systems for non-contact dust and debris elimination include a web cleaner with integrated antistatics, a filter/fan unit and a connecting duct system. The filter/fan unit can be placed far from the cleaning head equipment, if local conditions make this necessary.


The core of KELVA’s business has always been the design and sales of components and systems for production in the packaging and graphic arts industry. KELVA pumps, brakes and other components for level and tension control are made for processing all kinds of liquids and viscosities in an efficient, ecofriendly and for a safe production environment.

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KELVA is the inventor and market leader of web cleaning with more than 50 years’ experience in innovative dust removal.​ ​​ ​ We come into play wherever moving webs are involved, and debris can affect your production. ​ KELVA guarantees cleaner, safer, faster and more reliable production without reducing your output rate, thus increasing your production efficiency and lowering your costs.​