Contact Cleaning

  • KELVA Contact Web Cleaner CWC

    Efficient, durable, reliable...

  • KELVA Contact Web Cleaner LC

    Simple and compact contact model for single sided cleaning

  • KELVA Contact Web Cleaner LCW

    A wider LC with a compact design

  • KELVA Contact Web Cleaner WWC

    Wide range contact cleaner for reduction of contamination up to 98%

  • KELVA Contact Web Cleaner WWCMR

    Efficient double-sided contact cleaning for wide webs and sheets

Pumps and Level Control

  • KELVA IP Pump

    A classic double acting diaphragm pump

  • KELVA Level Regulator LV

    To keep your level constant

  • KELVA LF Pump

    The economic solution

  • KELVA VP Pump

    The classic pump, built to last a lifetime.

Brakes and Web Tension Control

  • KELVA Brakes

    Reliable high quality air operated brakes

  • KELVA LV9 Web Tension Control

    The simple way to control your web tension

Spare Parts and Consumables

  • KELVA Spare Parts and Consumables

    Extensive stock, fast delivery of parts