We provide dust removal systems for various applications and materials.
There are many factors involved in deciding on the right system. The most important are the material, its surface sensitivity and the amount of dirt particles encountered during production and/or finishing, as well as the web width, its speed and tension.

Non-Contact Cleaning

This is a cleaning method for relatively high dust load and sensitive webs where no contact with the material is allowed.
Typical applications are Converting, Printing and material paper, corrugated board, tissue, non-woven and glass fiber,

A system for non-contact dust and debris removal include a web cleaner with integrated antistatics, a filter/fan unit and a connecting duct system. Depending on the location, the filter/fan unit can be placed away from the cleaning head equipment.


  • Web widths from 250 mm up to 10 000 mm
  • No contact to the web, or interference on guiding and tension
  • Consistent cleaning efficiency
  • Energy-saving circulating air flow
  • Low maintenance costs and very few consumables
  • Very compact, industrial and customized design

Contact Cleaning

This is a cleaning method for applications with high demand on cleaning efficiency, like e.g. film and non-fibrous materials. Cleaning can happen on single or double side. Typical applications are Label Printing.

The KELVA contact cleaners contain a special polymer roller for close contact to the web picking up almost 100% of all particles from the web passing through the cleaner even at low pressure. The particles are transferred to a sheeted adhesive roller from which sheets easily can be teared off, when required. A static discharger at the outlet ensures that the web does not re-attract dust.


  • Web widths from 200 mm up to 2500 mm
  • Single- or double-sided cleaning
  • Web speed up to 400 m/min
  • Close to 100% efficiency
  • 24 VDC/pneumatic operation
  • Compact design, easy handling, silent operation

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