KELVA Contact Web Cleaner CWC

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KELVA Contact Web Cleaner CWC

KELVA Contact Web Cleaner CWC, our standard label printing cleaner, is  widely used for non-fibrous material, suitable for web speeds up to 250 m/min. The KELVA CWC comes in sizes from 250 to 650 mm, featuring  crocodile opening that allows easy access for web threading and maintenance. The adhesive roll pull-out enables continuous cleaning during change of adhesive layer, and a static discharger prevents the web from re-attracting dust after cleaning.

Adhesive rolls from KELVA are specially designed to absorb and store a high amount of contamination picked up from the web. The high amount of adhesive coating is optimized for the right “hold” and tackiness to ensure longest possible lifetime for each sheet.

KELVA CWC-S (single-sided) and KELVA CWC-D (doublesided) contact web cleaners are the best choice for effective dust-removal from narrow webs in continuous applications like label printing, film /foil production and converting /finishing.

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