Contact Cleaning

For cleaning even and firm materials with single- or double-sided continuous contact to the web.

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Where is web cleaning with contact to the material webs applicable?

KELVA contact cleaners are suitable for removing contaminations on coated (glossed) paper, film and foil with low dust levels, web speeds up to 400 m/minute and web widths up to 2.500 mm. They are operated pneumatically and are available for cleaning of one or the two sides of the material web.

Specially developed polymer rollers lift and transfer contaminations from the web surface to easily replaceable adhesive sheets. The polymer roller is designed to give a very good contact to the web – even at low pressure. The active static discharger, located after the rollers, ensures that the web does not re-attract dust after passing through the cleaner.

Key benefits of KELVA Contact Cleaning

Highly efficient removal of contaminants

Easy to retrofit

Compact, with small overall dimensions

Gentle web handling

Easy to handle, economic superior adhesive rolls coated for high quality cleaning

Silent operation

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Looking for a web cleaning solution to improve your production and save costs?

Feel free to give us more details about your Application, Material, Dust type(s), Web width (mm) and Web speed (m/min), so that we then can already take your information into account when contacting you.

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Contact web cleaner models


CWC Contact Cleaner

For efficient single or double sided cleaning of webs from 250 up to 650 mm.


LC Contact Web Cleaner

For single sided cleaning. It can handle webs from 200 up to 1300 mm.


LCW Contact Cleaner

For wider single sided cleaning. It can handle webs from 1 400 up to 2 500 mm.


WWC Contact Cleaner

For highly efficient double sided contact cleaning for webs from 700 up to 1300 mm.


WWCMR Contact Web Cleaner

For highly efficient double sided contact cleaning,  for webs and sheets from 1400 up to 2100 mm.

Standard KELVA contact cleaner overview:

TypeWeb widths
CWC-S250 – 650 mmSingle sided cleaner with aluminium counter roll. A common choice for label printing.
CWC-D250 – 650mmDouble sided cleaner with. A common choice for label printing machines where both sides needs to be clean.
LC200 – 1300 mmA compact single side cleaner for mounting on top of an existing roller in the machine. Pneumatic lifting. A flexible cleaner suitable for various applications.
LCW1400 – 2500 mmAn extended version of the LC for wider webs more continuous cleaning.
WWC700 – 1300 mmA double sided cleaner for wider webs. Alternative diameters of polymer rollers to allow higher web speeds. Pneumatic opening and pull-out adhesive rollers.
WWCMR1400 – 2100 mmAn extended version of WWC. Designed to allow double adhesive rollers for even wider webs. Pneumatic opening and pull-out adhesive rollers.

KELVA Adhesive rolls

The adhesive rolls from KELVA are specially formulated polymer rollers to remove contaminants from the substrate as it passes through the contact cleaner. They assure high quality contact cleaning. The KELVA adhesive rolls are easy to handle, and economic, as you take off the correct amount everytime. Available in standard and nonstandard widths, in sheeted, pre-cut rolls from stock.


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