CWC Contact Cleaner

Efficient, durable and reliable. Mostly used for dust and debris removal from non-fibrous material webs

KELVA Contact Web Cleaner CWC, our standard label printing cleaner, is suitable for web speeds up to 250 m/min. The KELVA CWC is available for single or double sided cleaning, and comes in sizes from 250 to 650 mm, featuring crocodile opening that allows easy access for web threading and maintenance. The adhesive roll pull-out enables continuous cleaning during change of adhesive layer, and a static discharger prevents the web from re-attracting dust after cleaning.

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  • Reduces contamination up to 98%
  • The polymer roller stys in good contact with the web – even at low pressure
  • Available for single or double sided cleaning
  • Low-silicone polymer roller of different shore hardness available


  • Application: Web widths from 200 to 6500 mm – label printing, film and narrow webs, continous application
  • Max. web speed: 250 m/min
  • Power: 24 VDC 115/230V, 50/60 Hz for anti-static device
  • Pneumatic requirement: 5 bar required
  • Standard: Pull-out function for side access to the adhesive rollers, crocodile opening for continuous cleaning during change of adhesive roll
  • Operation: Integrated push buttons
  • Options: Double or single sided with counter roller


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