TL1 Non-Contact Cleaner

Very efficient and compact cleaner for small spaces.

KELVA Cleaner TL1 for double-sided, non-contact web cleaning.

TL1 Cleaner offers an efficient web cleaning solution for webs up to 1800 mm in standard configuration. Total width of the cleaner head is only 175 mm. Integrated antistatic bars are standard, which reduces the width of the head. Another benefit is that the bars stay clean.

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  • Standard web width up to 1800 mm
  • Extremely slim width, only 175mm
  • 4 chamber solution for easier balancing of the web
  • Integrated antistatic bars
  • High speed top connections as standard
  • Venturi inlet for better suction of surrounding dust
  • Closed covers for safer operation and less finger pinch risk
  • Easy adjustment of upper and lower part of the head
  • Single sided air connections up to 900 mm, and double up to maximum web width of 1800 mm


  • Web Widths: Up to 1800 mm
  • Application: Almost any, e.g. paper, tissue, film, foil, textile, non woven
  • Power: 115/230V, 50/60 Hz for anti-static device
  • Pneumatic requirement: 5 bar
  • Opening: Pneumatic 50mm as standard

Special models:
TL2 – Special slot configuration for low tension webs as fabrics and film/foil


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