VP Pumps

The classic pump, built to last a lifetime.

Our compressed air driven, single diaphragm pump, the KELVA VP, is suitable for many applications. Features like bayonet opening for faster cleaning,  pulsation dampers, and quick through valves are available. Diaphragms, housings and O-rings comes in different materials and qualities, depending on requirements.

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  • Can handle anything from water to sludge in the low flow range
  • Excellent in situations where portable and submersible equipment is needed
  • Bayonet opening as option for faster dismantling
  • Air operated and thus explosion proof


  • Product name: KELVA VP Pump (VP6, VP12-110, VP12-210, VP12-210S, VP18, VP18S, VP26)
  • Capacity: liquid flow range 5-18 l/min
  • Options: VP12 -110 and VP18 have bayonet opening for faster dismantling and cleaning, VP12-S and VP18-S have quick-through valve for rapid emptying
  • Diaphragms: Depending on pumped material: nitrile, Teflon-nitrile (standard), Viton-nitrile


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