LF Pumps

The economic solution

KELVA LF, Liquid Flow, Pump has a revolutionary air valve design and central flow technique. This double diaphragm pump offers, compared to traditional pumps, less pulsation, low air consumption as well as long lifetime.
The design is compact, and another advantage is full flexibility in mounting positions.

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  • Less pulsation (-70%)
  • Lower air consumption (-30-50%) and maintenance costs
  • Longer diaphragm lifetime – less downtime
  • Built-in sound muffler
  • ATEX approved


  • Product name: KELVA Liquid Flow Pump (LF)
  • Types: LF15, LF30, LF60 or LF120 (number stands for liters/min)
  • Applications: A wide variety such as ink, glue, solvents, resin, paint, wood preservatives, varnish, stain, latex, acetone, turpentine, acids, suspensions, stabilizers, resins, waste recovery, caustic soda, dispersions


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