IP Pumps

These double acting, pneumatic diaphragm pumps are specially designed for pumping flexo ink, gravure ink, glue and solvents, with maximum capacity of 25 or 70 liters per minute. Available connected as two coupled single pumps or one double pump.

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  • Available as single or double
  • Choose between 25 or 70 liters/min
  • Turnable in- and outlet ports
  • ATEX approved


  • Product name: Kelva Ink Pump (IP)
  • Types: IP25-S, IP25-D, IP70-S, IP70-S (number stands for liters/min)
  • Application: Flexo ink, gravure ink, glue and solvents
  • Material pump housing: Aluminium / PTFE coated aluminium
  • Diaphragm: PTFE


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