KELVA dust and contaminants removing systems enhance productivity and efficiency in a wide range of R2R production processes

Our web cleaning solutions are implemented in many applications and industries. Contaminants present on the web, such as dust particles, fibers, or residues from previous process steps, can cause defects and negatively impact the quality of the final product. Our non-contact or contact cleaning systems effectively remove these contaminants, ensuring a clean substrate for subsequent processing steps and preventing the end products from defects and quality issues.


Paper, Solid board

Fast running webs.

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Label Printing

Standardized solutions.

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Converting, Laminating

Flexible solutions.

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Corrugated board

Heavy duty design.

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Low tension solutions.

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Film, Foil

Large variety of materials.

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Glass, LCD

Fragile and sensitive.

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Glass Fiber

Improved quality and work environment.

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Dusty and complex.

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Improved printing quality.

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Thin, fast and dusty.

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Customized solutions

For special application and materials.

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