Paper, Solid and Corrugated Board

Special web cleaning solutions for eliminating dust and lint in the paper and cardboard production industry.

Production and converting of paper and cardboard is a dusty business, with particles and debris posing challenges to the quality of your output.

Web cleaning is essential in this industry, employing various methods to remove contaminants from material surfaces, ensuring high-quality end products and smooth production processes. And the best part is: Application of web cleaning solutions is really straight-forward and doesn’t increase operator demands.

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The benefits of using web cleaning in paper and solid board production

As an efficient company, you want to ensure that your paper and cardboard production process runs smoothly and yields high-quality products. Web cleaning plays a vital role in achieving this goal by effectively removing dust, debris, and contaminants from material surfaces.

This improves product quality and reduces the risk of equipment damage and downtime, ultimately maximizing productivity and profitability.

Why cleaning your paper or cardboard web is essential

For printing on paper or cardboard, the web must be dust-free and the dust that has settled on the surface or between the layers in the roll must be extracted during unwinding and transportation to the printing machine.

Debris at that stage can include dust, sand, metal scraps or other particles that will leave permanent imprints if they are not removed during the winding process. Note that the amount of dust also depends on the production itself and the storage conditions of the paper or cardboard web.

The same counts for cardboard: A dust-free surface is a prerequisite for the production of multi-layer solid board to ensure that the cardboard layers adhere together.

Printing is prone to problems if surfaces are not clean

In digital printing, clean print surfaces are vital because the printing machines are equipped with very sensitive print heads. If there is dust on a surface to be printed, the ink may not be applied evenly, dirt particles settle on the ink rollers and interfere with the transfer image. That’s a big no-no and will rapidly lead to rejects.

Dust on the print material surface furthermore clogs the print nozzles and quickly damages the digital print heads, which leads to poor printing results (e.g. streaking), meaning that the print heads have to be replaced much more frequently. This causes higher maintenance costs and often unproductive downtimes. Integrated web cleaning avoids this, including faulty production and the associated waste.

The process of web cleaning in paper and solid board applications also includes the web cleaning of corrugated board. All these materials share similar properties when it comes to their production and thus also have a lot in common with textile materials, who also greatly benefit from web cleaning during their production process.

Corrugated board: Particular challenges solved with web cleaning

Corrugated cardboard usually consists of different layers and thus behaves a bit differently from paper and solid board. The more layers, the more dust and shreds are produced when the cardboard is cut lengthwise and crosswise or made up. Thus, dust emission on this process is rather high.

Slitting and cross-cutting corrugated cardboard produces dust and tiny flakes that must be removed in order not to jeopardize the quality of the end product, especially in regard to further processing in printing.

If the dirt particles like dust or shreds are not removed, they remain on the surface of the material and become lodged in it during further transport through the production machine. This in turn reduces the smooth functioning of the machine and ultimately leads to a deterioration not in product quality, but can also jeopardize equipment longevity.

What is the best web cleaning solution for paper and cardboard?

At KELVA, we have years of experience in installing web cleaning solutions for paper, cardboard and corrugated board. Our web cleaning solutions include contact cleaning systems as well as non-contact cleaning systems.

For all kinds of textiles, fabrics and comparable low tension webs, KELVA has developed special non-contact web cleaner heads. These heads have a special slot configuration for the vacuum and blowing air to give extra support to the web when passing the cleaner.The KELVA SL2, TL2, BR51 or HS85 Lines of non-contact cleaners are especially made for this kind of cleaning. They are especially suited to the generally low tension of fabric webs.


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