Glass and LCD

Special web cleaning solutions for eliminating dust and contaminants from fragile, sensitive glass surfaces.

Glass applications, specifically for LCD screen production, demand special designed cleaning solutions. Dust attraction is a characteristic of a glass surface and poses unique challenges during and after production. Thus, many manufacturers consider special web cleaning systems adapted to this unique material for their glass and LCD production lines.

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Why standard web cleaning doesn’t cut it with Glass

While production materials such as textiles, paper and cardboard can be easily cleaned using most contact and non-contact web cleaners, the situation is a bit different when handling glass.

Due to the unique characteristics of dust and other particles, a web cleaner using a moving web or sheets won’t be able to properly clean the glass surface for the production steps that follow.

The benefits of web cleaning in glass

Cleaning glass inline improves productivity, production quality and thus has a considerable impact on the bottom line. This is true for flat glass, glass for solar panels and also display glass, commonly used in electronic devices.

A further benefit of inline cleaning of glass is that it reduces or altogether eliminates the need for post-process washing. This also helps reduce complexity and further keeps the cost down for production companies.

Why does glass need web cleaning?

Producing premium quality glass products takes a lot of effort and a very high adherence to quality standards. Production processes are easily disrupted and quality compromised if dust, small particles or other contaminants enter the production line. Thus, to meet quality demands, dust has to be eliminated near perfection using reliable methods.

Where is web cleaning of glass applied?

Typical Applications for glass web cleaning include:

  • Before final assembly
    Whereby the cleaning eliminates particles and removes inclusions in the final product.
  • Before printing
    In this case, proper cleaning of the glass removes contamination, reducing pinhole defects.
  • Before and after sheeting of films
    A crucial step of cleaning before laminating and assembly, which reduces particle inclusion.

What is the best web cleaning solution for glass?

Due to the fragile quality of glass webs, a standard web cleaning system is not an option. This is why we at Kelva have developed a special web cleaning solution for glass surfaces.

The KELVA HS85 GC non-contact cleaner is especially made for this kind of fragile quality. It is available for web widths up to 6.000 mm and has a number of features like inlet rollers to avoid breakage, interior lining to prevent scratches on the glass and special protection to avoid damages from broken glass.


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