Kelva Contact Web Cleaning Systems

For Single- and double-sided continuous contact web cleaning

Kelva contact cleaners are available for both single- and double-sided continuous contact web cleaning. Specially developed polymer rollers lift and transfer contaminations from the web surface to easily replaceable adhesive sheets.
The polymer roller is designed to give a very good contact to the web – even at low pressure. The active static discharger, located after the rollers, ensures that the web does not re-attract dust after passing through the cleaner.

Kelva Contact Web Cleaners are suitable for cleaning of coated (glossed) paper, film and foil with low dust levels. Web speeds up to 300 m/minute and web widths up to 2.500 mm. Pneumatic operation. Available for cleaning of one side or both sides of the web.

The following types are available as standard

TypeSingle/double sidedWeb width min. Web width max.
CWCsingle or double sided250 mm650 mm
LCsingle sided200 mm1300 mm
LCWsingle sided1400 mm2500 mm
WWCdouble sided700 mm1500 mm
WWCMRdouble sided1400 mm2100 mm

Key benefits of Kelva Contact Web Cleaners

  • Easy to retrofit
  • Compact, with small overall dimensions
  • Gentle web handling
  • Easy to detect web contamination
  • Silent operation

Please contact us to discuss your needs and find the ideal web cleaning solution.