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Dust-free packaging production in pharmaceutical and medical industry is a challenging goal to achieve.

Pharma products and medicines are expected to be 100% clean, hygienic and safe.

Manufacturers as well as converters take various important measures to eliminate dust and debris in their production or finishing processes. Because if it is remaining, these particles will contaminate the product and potentially can harm a patient or will cause respiratory/allergic reactions for persons handling the product.

Dust is a NO GO in packaging production for pharmaceutical and medical products.

Dust can settle on the material or product surface leading to physical changes that can impact the product’s quality for further finishing processes or during consumption by human beings.

Dust can jeopardize package integrity through interfering with the sealing or leading to poor bonding properties, leaks, discoloration, migration with the filling good and bad printing quality of package surfaces. Altogether, dust can result in serious non-compliance with regulatory standards, leading to product recalls and damaging the company’s reputation.

There is ALWAYS dust remaining somewhere!

Reducing dust contamination is possible through good manufacturing practices, proper ventilation and filtration systems, and regularly cleaning the production environment, but some level of contamination is always present.

Make sure your production quality and compliance with web cleaning.

Web Cleaning will eliminate the last remnant of dust or debris in your Pharma- or Medical package production and process interfaces and thus assure highest compliance with any legal or quality demands of the final product and application by the end-user.

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