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How to make tissue converting dust-free and more cost-efficient

When producing and finishing tissue material extremely high dustloads are generated, which put the machine at risk, increase machine downtimes maintenance and lower cost efficiency and quality of production as well as environmental and employee health.

KELVA web cleaning sytems solve all these problems and can be easily installed or retrofitted.

They will remove all contaminants from the first moment.

Take away all the dust and debris particles from the webs typical for tissue converting with non-contact web cleaning and save production costs.

Eliminate contamination at the critical processes like unwind/rewind, slitting, scoring and cutting. Subsequent processes will work smoothly without harming your machines and will make safe the quality of your finished end products.

Once installed, your KELVA web cleaning solution reliably will eliminate the dust and debris for many years and will keep you on a safe side.

Improvement comes quickly

Fewer washing cycles, less wear, less maintenance mean less downtime and significantly reduced service costs. This makes your production efficient, ensures the quality of the end products and also provides a cleaner working environment.

For example: Tests after web cleaning installation before printing showed a vast improvement in time between blanket washing, going for stopping every 20 to 30 minutes to stopping every 4 hours.

Get your ROI in less than a year!

When investing into a KELVA web cleaning system you will soon have the benefit of large improvements in production hours. Removing contamination from material surfaces improves quality for finishing processes and of the end products.

Compared to maintenance and initial spare parts costs, which arise because dust wears out the production machines and dirt on material webs impairs the finishing quality, the investment is very low.

See a choice of of KELVA solutions for tissue converting, being installed worldwide and making production prooven dust-free:

Would you like to know more about our configurations for dust-elimination in tissue converting?

KELVA non-contact web cleaning elements are customizable to the individual needs of your production and application:

KELVA Web Cleaner

The KELVA HS TC non-contact cleaner has been specially developed for use in tissue production. Contaminants can be extracted from both sides of the web. The web cleaning configuration offers variable dust suction adjustable to the dust load. The dust extraction system is precisely adapted to the specific web width and the requirements of the application process step.

KELVA Filter-/Fan Unit

Filter/fan units consist of two parts: The upper part contains the fan that supplies the blowing air and the suction air for the entire web cleaning system. The lower part contains the filter pallets that trap the dust. The filter pallets are automatically cleaned by a jet-pulse system and the dust falls into a collection bin. The filter area depends on the degree of dust loading.

KELVA Non-Contact Cleaning

With non-contact web cleaning, the surface of the material is not touched.
Through the combination of blowing and suction air and ionization, all kinds of loose particles get efficiently extracted from the web surface. It is the ideal method to eliminate high dust loads and the variety of particles typical for tissue production. A KELVA cleaning system consists of a web cleaner incl. antistatics, a filter/fan unit and a ducting kit. The installation can be flexibly adapted to any spatial conditions.

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KELVA is the leading supplier of web and sheet cleaning equipment. Specific solutions for corrugated board, tissue, non-woven, film, glass, glass fiber, printing (among others) assure you of the best web cleaning solution for your application. Over 7.000 installations worldwide show that KELVA is a proven partner for dust and contamination free production.