Web Cleaning Solutions for the Printing Industry

Web cleaning before printing has been proven to be very efficient to reduce down-time due to cleaning. Printing quality has also in most cases been improved. Kelva’s wide product portfolio and large number of non contact web cleaning installations ensures a good result in almost any case.

Example of a Kelva Web Cleaning project for the Newsprint industry

Newspaper printing web cleaning Kelva Non Contact Web Cleaner HS65BT

Kelva Non Contact Web Cleaner HS65BT

Newspaper printing web cleaning solution.

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In this newsprint process a Kelva HS65BT Non Contact Web Cleaner (Cleanflow Brush Type) was installed, with a web width of 1700 mm.

Production profits:

  • Cleaning stops decreased from 3 x daily to 1 x week
  • Less RSI related complaints due to decrease in heavy cleaning tasks
  • Radical decrease in use of chemical cleaning solvents
  • Better product

On your request, a report with the complete test results can be sent to you.

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