Glass, LCD and fragile substrates

Meet Kelva’s Glass-Cleaner: Non Contact Cleaning for Fragile Webs

Kelva Glass-Cleaner is developed for wide glass webs and sheets.
Glass applications, specifically for LCD screen production, demand special designed cleaning solutions.
Dust attraction is a characteristic of glass, and a moving web only worses the situation. But to meet quality demands, dust has to be eliminated near perfection. Due to the fragile quality of glass webs, a standard web cleaning system is not an option.

Kelva developed a special web cleaning system for the production of glass webs that eliminates dust, at the same time preventing scratching the glass-surface and guaranteeing web and ensuring a quick web threading.

Kelva Glass-Cleaner characteristics

  • Web range: up to 6.000 mm
  • Protection against scratches
  • Positioning of the Cleanflow Glass-Cleaner just before the inspection unit for easy detection of production errors

Example of Kelva Web Cleaning Solutions for Glass, LCD and fragile substrates


Glass (LCD) Web Cleaning Solution

Self cleaning, low maintenance filter.

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Touchscreen glass production (LCD screen) Non-contact cleaning

Kelva Non Contact HS85 Glass Cleaner

Touchscreen glass production (LCD screen)
Web width: up to 6000 mm
Cleaning performed before inspection unit - without any damage to vulnerable substrate

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Saint Gobain Glass, India

Kelva HS65 single Glass sheets India

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