Kelva Web Cleaning Solutions for any Industry

Kelva Webcleaning and Static Elimination

Solutions for any industry you can imagine!

Kelva provides a complete range of non contact-webcleaning and contact-webcleaning solutions (including static elimination).

Complete webcleaning solutions for any application you can think of: converting, newsprint, corrugated board, tissue and non-woven, film, glass, labelprint … We deliver standard systems as well as custom solutions, in case of special production demands, for example fragile substrates, custom web widths (please let us know if you have specific demands regarding substrate, web widths or production-process).

Our webcleaning systems can automatically adjust to varying heights of substrates and collect slitting and production dust in self cleaning filters.

Results? Less cleaning stops and higher production, decreased dust and a better environment for co-workers. And most important: improved quality and happy customers!